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Main Product:

Air Purification Equipment Including: Air shower ,Clean bench , Pass box ,Bio-safety cabinets,Clean oven, Constant temperature and humidity air condition unit etc.


Environment Testing Instrument Including: Particle counter, Airborne bacteria sampler, Airborne dust detector, PM2.5 detector, Online Airborne particles monitoring system, Surface particle detector, etc.

Air Clean Engineering Project Including: Clean Room, Pharmaceutical workshop, hospital surgery room, ICU, P3 laboratory, etc.

Air Purifier: air purifier, energy-saving fresh air purifier, new air purification system.

Laboratory Equipment: Constant Temperature And Humidity Box, Fume Hood, Environment Experiment Box, Etc

Pharmaceutical Purification Equipment: Sterility testing isolator, Dispensing booth, Conveying the material packaging machine, VHP sterilization cabinet, VHP space sterilizer, Freeze-dried automatic up-down system, Aseptic transport vehicles,etc.

Medical Equipment: Hospital medical cabinet, Pharmacy, Surgery room, Medical Isolation tank, Medical aerosol adsorber, etc.